Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday Potpourri

Many of you won't know what jandals are.  But here in New Zealand they are what I have pictured at the top of this post.  In Australia they call them thongs and in other places flip-flops.  Wearing jandals in the summer is iconic here.  I have to admit I don't wear them any more – something about that bit of rubber between your toes doesn't work for me now.

There is some debate about how the name came about and who was the inventor.  It seems that they were based on wooden Japanese Sandals – so those two words were condensed into one like Brangelina … oooops isn't that over now?

We don't have a cat of our own.  But we do have quite a number that treat our grounds as if they owned them.  They stalk around imperiously and completely ignore us.  Wonderful creatures.

Did you like playing Monopoly as a kid.  I still play it electronically occasionally.  Much better to play against a computer than against your friends and family whom you might upset by a take no prisoners approach!  There is a New Zealand version of the game but I much prefer the English one.  Of course, now, the values and rents seem like peanuts!


  1. We call them flip flops here and I can't wear them as I used to. Maybe since I'm 60 the things hurt my feet more.
    Love monopoly!

  2. Love the this and that of this post:)


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