Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Tips from Marcella

Today I bring you 3 tips I got from reading Ingredienti by Marcella Hazan.  I will be interested to see if you agree with her approach

Beefsteak Tomato these lovely big tomatoes should be peeled before being sliced.  Then pour a good red wine vinegar over the slices along with a little bit of garlic oil or oil and garlic before turning the slices over a few times.

Tomatoes should always be peeled if they are going into a salad.  And they should be brought to room temperature before they are added to a salad.

Spinach should be blanched (dipped very quickly in boiling water and then cooled right away by ice or cold water) and dried before it is sautéed in oil and garlic.


  1. Interesting tips! Will give them all a try for sure!

  2. I never consider peeling a tomato before putting it in a salad. I do love the idea of peeling then infusing with garlic oil. That sounds awesome!


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