Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Stir by Jessica Fechtor

Stir is a highly readable memoir by a young woman who unexpectedly suffered a brain bleed.  This is not a sentimental book – it is a clear eyed look at how she chose to recover.  One of the things that helped her was starting a food blog called Sweet Amandine

So in addition to the memoir the author includes a recipe at the end of each chapter – most of them are sweet – and none of them use meat.  I'm guessing that the author is part vegetarian (she does eat eggs and fish).  But she doesn't deal with those preferences at all which is typical of the restrained non judgmental way she approaches life.

This is a book which is life affirming and the very opposite of a Poor Me memoir.


  1. I loved this book so much! I recently checked out an audio book of When Breath Becomes Air because this author recommended it when I went to hear her speak.


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