Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Spice of the Month - Caraway

Caraway - Dark brown crescent shaped seeds.

Another really old spice.  The ancient Egyptians put a container of caraway in tombs to ward off evil spirits.

Important in German and Austrian cooking - added to vegetables, soups, goulash, dumplings - also used in cakes and biscuits

Popular right from Elizabethan times – it is said that caraway is the oldest cultivated spice plant in Europe.

Sweetish sharp taste - hint of aniseed – a bit of an acquired taste.

Use just small amounts - don't overdo it – some people hate the flavour!

Used medicinally in olden days to get rid of trapped wind in your system.  Caraway in gripe water has been used to settle babies with wind.

You can sprinkle caraway onto a pork roast or add it to a potato salad or use it with beetroot

Used in the manufacture of gin and schnapps

Used in harissa paste.

Caraway works well with fish and is good with cheese.  There are many cheeses which have caraway seeds in them.  You will also find it in some sausages.

You could put a few seeds into apple pie filling for a change up

Try putting a few caraway seeds into cream cheese or into a cheese and onion pie.

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