Saturday, 3 September 2016

Saturday Potpourri

Apologies but today's potpourri is a small rant about design flaws in common household items
Why don't all showers have a built in little flap you can rest your feet on while cleaning your tootsies or shaving your legs – I guess the designers don't think about how women use the shower.  I did find a few showers that have this function – but certainly the standard ones available here don't.

And why don't bottles of shampoo and conditioner have large letters so you can tell which is which when in the shower without your glasses – don't those designers ever age or consider the needs of people over 30!  And the ones in hotel room are even worse.  The pic is not my own.

And don't get me started on jugs that look stylish but don't pour properly….  I don't know for sure but this jug doesn't look very practical to me


  1. I actually wrote a big 'S' and 'C' on my shampoo and conditioner bottles, because I found myself grumpily squinting at them every morning! (I'd also like to add mugs with uncomfortable/useless handles to your list).

  2. I hate the tubes of shampoo/conditioner that you need to have hands of steel to get the dumb stuff out!! UGH...I have those little 'turn' thingys for my toothpaste tube but can't find them larger for hair product tubes!

  3. My shampoo and conditioner are the same product/brand line, and have a different colored top. Problem is I can never remember which has which color!


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