Tuesday, 20 September 2016

More tips from Marcella

I have already passed on a few tips from Marcella and her book Ingredienti but I thought I'd share a few more.

Zucchini – Marcella says that each zucchini should be soaked in water before cutting foor at least 15 minutes before slicing or cooking.

Dried Pasta – She says that the cooking times on the boxes or packets are usually too short and that as a result people nowadays are eating undercooked pasta.  I increased my cooking times by 25% and found that she is right.

Red Wine Vinegar – Marcella prefers red wine vinegar to balsamic for using with salad vegetables.  She says the balsamic is too sweet.  In fact she doesn't do a vinaigrette with it but simply uses a few drops straight onto the salad.  She also says you should store this vinegar in the fridge once it has been opened.  That's a new one to me.

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