Friday, 9 September 2016

Food on Friday : Nuts


We have an excuse to go quite "nutty" today!  Food on Friday is collecting dishes with nuts in them.  Apologies to anyone with nut allergies.

Almonds go well with – apricots, berries, cherries, chicken, chocolate, cream, dried fruit, honey, peaches, quinces, rice, trout and vanilla.

Cashews go well with – almonds, beans, cauliflower, chicken, coconut milk, cracked wheat, fish, pork and rice.

Hazelnuts go well with – almonds, chocolate, cinnamon, duck, oranges, pork and salad leaves.

Peanuts go well with – beef, chicken, chillies, coriander (cilantro), cucumber, pork, snake beans and tamarind.

Pecans go well with – bitter greens, blue cheese, cream, croutons, duck, garlic, goat's cheese, lemon juice, maple syru, molasses and quinces.

Pine nuts go well with – basil, dried currants, garlic, parmesan cheese, pasta, quail, rice, rosemary, salad leaves, silver beet and veal.

Pistachios go well with – almonds, chocolate, dried fruit, ham, honey, rice, sausages, semolina, terrines, watermelons and yoghurt.

Walnuts (not my faves) go well with – apples, bitter greens, blue cheese, celery, chocolate, cream, croutons, dates, duck, figs, garlic, goat's cheese, mussels, pears, potatoes, quinces, salad leaves and verjuice.

To add your contribution to the collection, just put your name and the name of the dish into the first Mr Linky box and then paste the url for your post into the second one.

I'll be pinning the dishes to this Pinboard.  If you pop over to it you will be able to see the collection at a glance and choose which ones you want to visit.  I'll also be selecting a few dishes to feature next Thursday in my Need Some Inspiration series.

Happy Linking.


  1. Hi, Carole and all!

    The post for Ma’s Almond Cookies ( # 12 ) also has a recipe for icing to put on them, as well as links for recipes for Cardamom Cinnamon Cookies, Black and White Cookies and Santa Lucia Cookies (the last two cookies are also iced).

    Watching calories? Skip the icing :-)

  2. Hi Carole, if you can get your hands on some butternut squash please make this dish. It is so good, even if I made it. :)

    Have a good week and as always, thanks for hosting.


  3. Glad to see we are all nuts! Great theme, thanks for hosting!


  4. Hi Carole, have linked up two recipes. Have a nice day!

  5. Hi Carole-

    I don't eat nuts but added a yummy recipe

  6. Thanks for hosting again this Friday Carole. I've posted my Carrots with grapes and walnuts recipe. :)

  7. Finally got to the party, a little late, but I'm here. I added a few more recipes with nuts. Hope you're having a great weekend.


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