Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Smoked Salmon & Bacon Pasta with Alfredo Sauce

Carole's Chatter: Salmon & Bacon Pasta with Alfredo Sauce

I wanted to do some pasta and found I had both smoked salmon and some bacon in the fridge.  I wasn't sure they would go together but after a little googling I decided it was worth a try.  And the flavours worked really well together.


Small packet of smoked salmon
Packet of streaky bacon
Garlic oil
Store bought Alfredo sauce
Nutmeg – a few grates – not too much
Pepper (and salt if it needs it when it is cooked – bacon can be pretty salty)
Cherry tomatoes
Parmesan cheese


To avoid using too many pots and pans, I fried off the bacon in a medium sized pot that I also used for the sauce.  I used garlic infused olive oil and also added the turmeric during the frying.  I had cut the bacon up into bite sized pieces.

While the bacon is cooking bring a large pot to the boil containing well salted water.  Cook your pasta until al dente (I used tagliatelle).  While it is cooking add your smoked salmon (cut up) and a few  halved cherry tomatoes plus a good amount of pepper.

Pour in your store bought Alfredo sauce and let it heat through.  Finish your sauce off with a grate or 2 of nutmeg and lashings of grated parmesan.

My only slight whinge about this dish is that the pasta slurps everywhere when you are trying to serve it.

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