Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Carole's Chatter: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Ok, I know grilled cheese sandwiches are very old hat for most of you – but not for me.  We usually do cheese toasties which involve just one piece of bread covered with cheese and cooked in a hot oven  - 

I decided to give the American version a go.  The cheese melted ok and the outside was browned up but I felt that I should have added more mustard and also something a bit sharp like chopped gherkin or capers.  What sort of cheese is best for this?


8 slices of bread (I had wheatmeal on hand)
Butter – softened
Dijon Mustard
Grated cheese – mix of Colby and parmesan
Salt & Pepper


Prepare each sandwich by buttering each slice of bread and adding a smear of mustard.  Season your cheese with salt and pepper.  Pile your grated cheese onto half of the slices.

I heated a heavy pan on a moderate heat.  The key apparently is to get the heat right so that the outside crisps up while the middle is all gooey cheese.

At the last minute smear the upside of the bread with mayonnaise and put it into the pan, mayo side down.  While that side is cooking smear the now upside with mayo.  Flip over and cook the other side and it was done.


  1. I never heard of putting mustard on a grilled cheese sandwich

  2. I always add dijon mustard to my toasties it gives it a nice zing!


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