Sunday, 22 May 2016

Using Leftover Mashed Potato – an eternal quest

Carole's Chatter: Using Leftover Mashed Potato – an eternal quest

As usual I had to come up with something to use up last night's mashed potato.  I had a courgette (zucchini) and a capsicum (bell pepper), so I halved the capsicum and the courgette and hollowed the seeds out a bit.  I also removed the white bits and seeds from the capsicum.

I cooked the courgette and capsicum in a moderate oven for about 15 minutes.

I then spooned in the mashed potato and then grated a bit of good parmesan cheese over them.

I finished these off in the oven – they weren't quite as golden brown as they could have been but my patience ran out.  And they tasted just fine as they were.


  1. Although I rarely have mashed potatoes left over, this looks like a tasty way to use them. ;-)

  2. I like this idea. I have leftover potatoes some times but I use the, to fry up with breakfast. I like this idea. The cheese is a nice touch too.

  3. Great idea for using up the potatoes. I'll have to remember that.

  4. Yum! We don't have mashed potatoes much anymore (sad face) but this sounds like a great variation on the double-stuffed baked potato!

  5. I almost want to make extra mashed potatoes just to try this. Mixed with lots of butter, topped with cheese, yes!

  6. Such a clever way to use up leftover potatoes and vegetables .

  7. That sounds really good!

  8. What a great idea.

    I would have never thought to use mashed potatoes in these two veggies.


  9. Forgot to put notify me so I am writing again.

    You can trash this comment if you like. :)


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