Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Bahamas

I haven't been to the Bahamas (unless there was a day visit on the Caribbean Cruise I did many years ago). I would like to go but suspect I won't given just how far away they are.  The quickest route from Auckland is via Houston and Miami – and involves over 26 hours flying time – that's an odyssey!

The Bahamas are made up of over 700 islands – but the population is under a million.  The islands are a former English colony and did not gain independence until 1973.  They are still part of the Commonwealth just like New Zealand.

This is the fabulous coat of arms of the Bahamas.

One of the many great things about the Bahamas is the tropical climate.  No frosts here!  Apparently they average over 300 days of sunshine a year.  The rainy/hurricane season is from June to October.

Famous Bahamians include Lenny Kravitz and Sidney Poitier (To Sir with Love – just fabulous)

What to see there:

Andros Island is a must for divers or fishermen.  It is uninhabited and contains the 3rd longest reef in the world.

Love Beach on New Providence Island – what great colours those cottages are!

The Compleat Angler Hotel in Alice Town where Hemingway lived in the 30's

The Pink Sands on Harbour Island – more than 3 miles of pink sand

National Art Gallery – looks like a cool building too

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  1. One of my friend is traveling through here via sailboat right now. When they reach an area with wi-fi she will check in and it is fun to see how far they have traveled.

    I am so excited to see all the photo's from their 5 month journey.


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