Monday, 25 April 2016

Quiz of the Month – Music in honour of Prince, David Bowie, Merle Haggard and Glen Frey

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Having recently lost some fine musicians, this month's Quiz is in their honour.

As always the correct answer can be checked by highlighting the line under the question.

This quiz is a multiple choice quiz

1      Which of these songs was written by Prince?
a)   U Got the Look
b)   Manic Monday
c)   Nothing Compares 2 U
d)   Sugar Walls
e)   Hung Up
     They all were

2      Which of these is the name Prince was born with?
a)     John Lewis Nelson
b)     Prince Shaw Nelson
c)     Prince Rogers Nelson
d)     Prince Nelson Della

3      In which of these states was Prince born?
a)    Michigan
b)    Minnesota
c)    Maryland
d)    Missouri

4      Which of these songs was not written by David Bowie?
a)    Jean Genie
b)   Let's Dance
c)   Changes
d)   Dancing in the Street

5      Which is these is the name of one of David Bowie's children?
a)    Rainbow
b)   Duncan
c)   Elsie
d)   Apollo

6      Which of these is David Bowie's born name?
a)    David Robert Jones
b)   David Stenton Jones
c)   David Robert Bowie
d)   David Stenton Burns

7      How old was Merle Haggard when he died?
a)    72
b)   75
c)   79
d)   81

8      What year did Merle Haggard release Okie from Muskogee?
a)    1959
b)   1960
c)   1962
d)   1969

9      Which of these bands did Glenn Frey never belong to?
a)    The Mushrooms
b)   The Four of Us
c)   Heavy Metal Kids
d)   The Eagles
      He was in all of them!

10   Which of these songs was written by Glenn Frey on his own?
a)    Lyin' Eyes
b)   Desperado
c)   True Love
d)   Take it to the Limit


) – all the others were  
      c) – all the others were co-written with other member of the Eagles

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  1. Having lived many years in Minnesota, I am pretty good on the Prince trivia, however I did not know that he wrote Manic Monday. Interesting.


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