Monday, 22 February 2016

The Music Lesson by Lord Frederic Leighton

The Music Lesson is a compellingly charming portrait – but I think it is good art as well. You can find the original in the Guildhall Gallery in London.

Showing bare feet was apparently a hint at a harem scene – but it just struck me as informality.  The little girl in the picture also posed for Whistler and Lewis Carroll.

He wasn't born Lord Frederic but was granted the peerage in recognition of his art.  Sadly only one day after ascending to his Baronetcy he died and the title died with him – he didn't have any children.

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  1. His house, in London, is beautiful- I visited with my daughter a couple of years ago. One downstairs room is beautifully tiled, with a pool and fountain in the middle - like a Moroccan palace. And so many artworks. I particularly love 'Flaming June' - but that is in South America now, I believe.


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