Saturday, 13 February 2016

Can you help with identifying flowers that have sprung up in the garden? Part II

Some sort of lily?

I posted before Christmas about some flowers – and thank you to those who helped me identify what they were.  Here's a few more.

Absolutely no idea


On the tip of my tongue ... not a camellia

An old fashioned rose?
A bit daisy like


  1. The first flower is an alstroemeria. I don't know what the second one is although I have seen it before: pholx perhaps? Not sure what that iris looking one is, that one reminds me of a narcissus.

    That lavender one is a rhododendron and the rose reminds me of an old variety my neighbor had in the front yard in Dallas. That thing seemed to bloom throughout most of the year. That last one looks more like a daisy to me than an aster. HTH

  2. All very pretty! I would love to know more on the one you suspect to be an iris.

  3. Yes, Gerlinde is right, the top one is a Peruvian lily; I grow several in different colors.


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