Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Brodo by Marco Canora

Broths made from bones are getting very popular.  I have even tried it myself – with success as a stock.

If you want to experiment with them, I highly recommend Brodo by Marco Canora.  He extols the virtues of bone broths and stocks in this little book.  He is a chef in New York and now operates a hole in the wall sipping broth operation.

I am convinced that a high quality broth is important in dishes but can't quite bring myself to drink it straight.

Some pointers I got from the book included:

·         Start your broth with hot filtered water
·         Cover your bones with 2 to 3 inches of water and leave another couple of inches free at the top of the pot so you are not likely to boil over.
·         Add your aromats like carrot, celery, bay leaves, herbs, pepper after you have got the bones simmering and after the first skim off of scum from the top
·         Don't add salt until right at the end
·         Roasting your bones first will add flavour
·         Put your pot off centre on the element – the broth will circulate better in the pot
·         Simmer chicken bones for 6 hours and beef/lamb for 16 hours
·         Add some fresh turmeric, chilli oil and/or ginger juice just before using the broth

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  1. I have heard many good things about bone brooth, thanks for the recipe :)


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