Monday, 28 December 2015

Quiz: Questions about things that happened in 2015

This month's quiz marks the end of the year.  All the questions are about things that happened in 2015.  Enjoy!

1.   In which month was Princess Charlotte of Cambridge born?

2.   Who is the worlds No 1 female golfer and where does she come from?
          Lydia Ko, New Zealand

3.   Who was elected Prime Minister of Canada?
          Justin Trudeau

4.   In which month did Liverpudlian Cilla Black die?

5.   Why have Hoverboard scooters been in the news?
          Some have been bursting into flame

6.   Which country's Prime Minister was found to have a predilection for pulling women's ponytails?
          New Zealand

7.   What major event happened on Friday the 13th of November?
          Paris terror attacks

8.   Which country won the Rugby World Cup?
          New Zealand

9.   What is the name of Adele's just released new album?

10.   Who were the singles champions at Wimbledon?
          Serena Williams & Novak Djokovich


  1. I have to watch more news. :-)

  2. OMG! I don't remember any dates, but yes, I know all these news, lol..
    Happy New Year.


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