Wednesday, 30 December 2015

More Letters of Note compiled by Shaun Usher

You may remember that I posted about Lists of Note – a fabulous book.  More Letters of Note features  letters rather than lists.   It is a great read nevertheless.

It is a compilation of letters written by a variety of people – all of which are interesting.  Some use bad language which is to be regretted.

As a taster I thought you might enjoy this letter from Bertha Brewster to the Daily Telegraph in 1913


Everyone seems to agree upon the necessity of putting  a stop to Suffragist outrages; but no one seems certain how to do so.  There are two, and only two, ways in which this can be done.  Both will be effectual.

1.   Kill every woman in the United Kingdom
2.   Give women the vote

Yours truly,
Bertha Brewster

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  1. Well, that's certainly a very convincing argument right there in that letter you featured. :-)


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