Monday, 2 November 2015

Portrait of a Child Holding a Rattle

Today's art post is a charming painting by Niels Rode, a Dane.  It was done in 1771. 

Did you notice that this little girl (baby?) is tied onto the chair?  She is waving a rattle.  She looks happy despite being tethered.

The other star of the painting for me is the dress – just so beautiful.  I suspect it wouldn't have been worn too much – can you imagine just how dirty a normal child would get it!

Just as an idea for one of my blog friends, Linda, you could dress up each quad and paint them in lovely old time clothes like this dress.  I am not suggesting tying them to the chair, though!  Not the done thing these days!

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  1. Hmm...The rattle suggests a baby, but the dress looks heavy as if for an older child.


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