Monday, 23 November 2015

Flag preference survey

Instead of the normal monthly quiz, I'm going to ask you to rank these flags in order of preference.

New Zealand is now voting between these alternative flag designs.  The winner will then be voted on as between it and the current flag early next year.





I don't have the technology nous to have a survey tool for this so please just put the Letters down in a comment in your preferred order – the best first.

I haven't yet decided on my order of preference although I am fairly close to knowing which is my first preference.

For those of you that were wondering.  The flag below is our current flag – it is quite similar to the Australian flag, isn't it?  And part of it is the Union Jack which is the English flag - and New Zealand, although still part of the Commonwealth, has not been a colony or Dominion of the UK since about 1940.


  1. From best to worst: A, E, D, C, B

  2. A E B D C [but I live in the UK, so rerally it isnt important what I think!]


Your comments are most welcome. Cheers