Monday, 24 August 2015

Quiz - All the Answers begin with the letter C

Here's another monthly quiz.  I hope you enjoy it!  This time all the answers begin with the letter C.

As before, the answers are below each question – you just need to highlight them with your mouse to see them. 

1             'Where Everybody Knows Your Name' was the them tune to which 1980's sitcom?

2             What is the name of both Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter and an English football team?

3             Table Mountain overlooks which African city?

4             What type of tree appears on the national flag of Lebanon?

5             Diamond is a form of which element?

6             What is the main vegetable used in sauerkraut?

7             Arabica and Robusta are both types of what?

8             Which river formed the Grand Canyon?

9             What name is usually given to a Russian astronaut?

10          Which country has the world's longest coastline?


  1. Didn't know a few, always learning.

  2. I did pretty good-

    Thanks that was fun


  3. Love your blog I always take the quiz's and do pretty good guess I am older than dirt now that I am 67..We are experiencing a 100 year drought, wild fires and many homes lost and firefighters too lost their lives here in Washington state, I prayed for sun most years we have lived here 37 soon in our tiny home in Vancouver Washington be careful for what you pray for cause we have not seen hide nor hare of any precipitation since the middle of 2014 and the weather people say we won't see any the rest of 2015..If I wanted to live in hell I would move to Arizona, Texas, New Mexico or California now if we get any cool weather and or rain I will say to the Lord thank you for miracles, it has wrecked havoc on the entire state and Oregon is burning in hell too, no campfires, bonfires or fireworks, using gas mowers etc in all of Oregon to keep the wildfires from enveloping the entire state of Oregon! I pray daily for Rain for Washington and Oregon to save our lovely states which are normally 200 days of incelement rainey weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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