Wednesday 29 July 2015

Nostalgia Alert! Les Bicyclettes de Belsize

I learned this song at school many years ago – the French version – and it really stuck with me to the point that some nights if I'm not sleeping well I'll sing it to myself (not aloud, naturellement)

Tourne, retourne dans mes pensées, le regret d'un amour
C'était à Londres un matin de mai à Belsize un beau jour, un beau jour

Les bicyclettes de Belsize nous ont porté tous deux
et nous roulions amoureux main dans la main
Seul le ciel tendre et bleu
se mirait dans nos yeux, nos yeux d'enfants heureux
Souvent je rêve encore aux bicyclettes de Belsize

There was an English version done by the fantastically named Englebert Humperdinck.  The lyrics are not a close translation of the French.

Turning and turning
The world goes on
We can't change it, my friend
Let us go riding now through the days
Together to the end
To the end

Les bicyclettes de Belsize
Carry us side by side
And hand in hand we will ride
Over Belsize
Turn your magical eyes
Round and around
Looking at all we've found
Carry us through the skies
Les bicyclettes de Belsize

Click here to hear it in French
Click here to hear the English version


  1. I loved that song and haven't thought about it in years. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I like the French version 😃


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