Friday 17 July 2015

Food on Friday: Tomatoes

It'll be tomatoes, tomatoes, everywhere this week!

To add your dishes, just put the name of the dish together with your blog name/name into the first Mr Linky box you will find below.  Then paste the url for your post about it into the second box.

I'll be pinning the dishes to this Pinboard which will make it easy for you to check them out at a glance.  The links from the earlier collection (Nov 2012) are also on that board.

Have loads of tomatoey fun!


  1. Hi, Carole and all!

    Ma’s recipe for Farfalle Salad ( # 8 ) uses any fresh tomatoes you have, including cherry and grape, and is open to using up any bits of leftover veggies cluttering your fridge.

    The post also has a link for Carmela Soprano’s Bow Ties with Fresh Tomatoes and Mozzarella recipe, which also uses the bow-tie pasta.
    If you have a different pasta, such as elbow, no problem. I’m sure one of the boys won’t be paying you a visit!

  2. Spicy Roast Chicken with Tomatoes and Marjoram is one of the easiest recipes in my collection, and also one of the best!

  3. I had to do some searching for tomato recipes on our blog! Apparentlywe need to cook with tomatoes more! :) Looking forward to reading some new ideas

  4. Thanks for hosting, have a great weekend!

  5. So it seems that all my tomato recipes are cold - soup, sorbet etc. Not ideal as inspiration for this time of year. This tart could be served warm though. cheers!

  6. I love tomatoes. I'm still waiting for the local heirlooms to make their appearance at the market.

  7. Good Morning Carole, I love tomatoes, cooked or eaten just as they are. I have added my roasted red tomato soup.... it is a really tasty soup and perfect as there is now a glut of tomatoes.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  8. Hi Carole my recipe this week is a lovely tomato sauced spaghetti bolognaise.

  9. Carole,
    Because I like the flavor of local tomatoes so much more, I do not buy fresh tomatoes from November through June. That means our First Tomato of Summer is quite the event. We had it on Wednesday, in tabbouleh, and it was awesome. Come October I will be so done with fresh tomatoes, though, so I'll be putting them up anyway I can.
    I'm sharing recipes using fresh red tomatoes, green tomatoes, as well as ways to put them up and use canned tomatoes in the off-season.

  10. Thanks for another great food subject. I had no idea I had so many tomato recipes on my blog, I didn't inundate you with them all, just the most fun ones.


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