Monday, 6 April 2015

Monet and his garden at Giverny

I was inspired to post about Monet and his garden at Giverny as a result of finding a booklet I had saved from a trip there while I was tackling the monumental task of organising my house shift.

Giverny is a little village not far from Paris – near the town Vernon. Monet bought a lovely house in Giverny when he was 43.  He must have been doing ok because the house stood on 2 ½ acres of land!  I love the pink and green on the exterior of the house.

The Japanese Bridge is perhaps the most famous part of the garden – or the lily pond…

Monet's most famous works were of his garden at Giverny.  As his eyesight deteriorated in old age his paintings became more and more impressionistic.

The garden is of course a delight but the house is also very attractive.  My favourite room is the dining room.

The kitchen is pretty spectacular too!


  1. These are beautiful. Reminds me of my favorite children's book, Linnea in Monet’s Garden by Cristina Bjork.

  2. I saw a travelling collection of Monet paintings (most of the garden: waterlilies, and the pond) a few years ago at my local museum. In books they tend to be colorful but in real life the colors are muted. I wanted to touch them so badly to trace the brush strokes, but that, sadly, it's forbidden.


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