Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Books You Loved: April Edition

Well, the first Wednesday in the month is always Books You Loved time – and this month it falls on the first which also happens to be April Fool's Day!

Books You Loved: March had lots of great books.  Some reviews that caught my eye were:

Beth Fish Reads brought us The Headmaster's Wife by Thomas Christopher Greene.  Her review said 'I took a chance on The Headmaster's Wife and ended up reading it in a single sitting. I was totally taken in by the beauty of Greene's prose and by my curiosity about the main character.'  I also recommend this blog's weekly Weekend Cooking link up – just great for booklovers who also love food. I've participated in this link up for years now and it never disappoints.

Rodin's Lover by Heather Webb was reviewed by A Literary Vacation and by Carmen's Books and Movies Reviews. Colleen from A Literary Vacation said 'Rodin's Lover is an exceptional look at a brilliant artist not appreciated as she should have been during her time.' And Carmen said ' Rodin's Lover reverberates with intensity. I could picture the unfolding story in my mind as if I were watching a movie.'

Michelle from Jarrah Jungle reviewed the quirkily titled Arkie's Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing.  She said 'This is a funny and inspiring story of Arkie a 40 something Australian woman in the midst of a divorce and on a mission to get her mojo and her life back.'

I couldn't resist drawing to your attention the review by My Book Retreat of Relish by Lucy Knisley.  I've posted about this lovely book myself here and agree with the reviewer when she says 'She writes her story in a fun, positive and energetic manner that is accented with full-color cartoon strips that show her life visually.'

Finally 2 non-fiction book reviews also caught my eye:

Marci of Stone Cottage Adventures brought us Victoria's Daughters by Jerrold M Packard. It is about Queen Victoria's 5 daughters.   Marci said 'if you like books about drama, castles, politics, history, parenting or even war (whew!) this book just might be for you!  I loved it!'

Carpe Librum brought over 1339 QI Facts To Make Your Jaw Drop. I love the fact that it isn't 1000 or 1001 facts – the QI stands for Quite Interesting.  I'm definitely getting this one from the library.

Now for the new collection.  Remember the post doesn't have to be a recent one and the book doesn't have to have been recently published or read.  The only requirement is that it is about a book that you loved.

To add to the list just pop the name of the book (and your name/blog name if you like) into the first Mr Linky box and then copy and paste the url of your post about it into the second box.

I'll be pinning your links to this Pinboard to make it easier for you to check them out at a glance.

Have fun.  I hope you discover some great books to read – I always do!


  1. I hate the dark mornings.

    And...I can't believe it it April already.

    Thanks for another wonderful month of books, Carole.

  2. Thanks, we also have snow still here on the ground wondering If the flowers will be covered with snow in a few weeks when they start coming up LOL

  3. Only one entry this month. Thanks for featuring my blog in the intro.

  4. Mine includes a giveaway that ends tomorrow. (US only.)

  5. Hi Carole!

    Lots of great books in your list! Thanks for introducing all these! Oh, by the way, I will be in NZ for this year's RWNZ conference!

  6. I'm linking my most recently read book All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Highly recommended for anyone who loves good writing.

  7. The Dog Who Saved Me by Susan Wilson. Includes a giveaway that ends on Friday. (US only)

  8. Thank you for the feature! I will post a shout out right away! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. I know what I'm going to do this Spring break ;) (comb through this post!)

  10. Thanks for featuring my book review Carole :) I have linked up a few thrillers this month

  11. Thanks so much for the mention (1339 QI Facts To Make Your Jaw Drop) have you managed to pick up a copy? I don't have anything worthy of linking this time, but hopefully I will next time :-)

  12. Hi Carole, Thanks so much for inviting me to add a link to Don't Think About Purple Elephants here. I'm looking forward to browsing through the reviews already added to the list.

  13. It is sunny and warming up here in Iowa after a very long winter! The book I featured is a perfect book to read in the Spring.

  14. I love your book lists!!! I've been reading so much lately that I'm always needing great recommendations. Thanks!

  15. I have been binge-reading Emily St. John Mandel since I discovered her earlier this year and this month's link is to one of her amazing novels.

  16. Thank you so much for the mention! That was a fun book! I'll choose a new book or two to link up this time.

  17. I really couldn't decide this month, I read two wonderful books that I just have to recommend to everyone.

    Unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed with choosing that I forgot to mention the title for the first one. It's "We are water". Sorry. Should I repost or can you add it?

    Anyway, thanks for inviting me again even though I didn't post for a while (just too much on my plate, sorry), I always enjoy your blog.

    Have a great weekend,
    Marianne from Let's Read

  18. Hello again, Carole,
    So, it's actually May 1st in New York, but I still wanted to post my favorite book for April. This month's choice was actually a reread for me from about four years ago. I've posted two links this month: my original review and my review revisited - lol! ;)

    See you again next month, Carole. Next time I will be definitely posting in the month of May - not June!


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