Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Hot Toddy

When I feel miserable with a cold I treat myself with my own version of a Hot Toddy.  I'm not sure it is effective at all as a cure but it does tend to make you forget your woes for a wee while.


Juice of a lemon
2 spoonfuls of honey
Big splosh of brandy or cognac (you might prefer whiskey)
2 soluble aspirins
Hot water

And that's it – simple but very comforting.  The pic in this post was borrowed – my version is just done in an ordinary mug – and when I'm doing it I'm generally not feeling up to faffing around with my camera.


  1. Dear Carole, This does sound like it would be soothing after the hustle and bustle of this time of year. xo Catherine

  2. there was a show on American TV called "The Beverly Hillbillies". I think the Grandmother made something a bit stronger, but she would say "it might not sure what ails me, but it makes having it a pleasure!"...I think your hot toddy would do the same!

  3. Sounds good. Mom use to give us equal parts honey, lemon and whiskey for a cough suppressant and I loved it! didn't really stop the cough though.


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