Saturday, 27 December 2014

Can't we talk about something more pleasant? By Roz Chast

I cannot remember how I found out about this absolutely fantastic graphic book - Can't We talk about something more pleasant? 

Until recently I wasn't even conscious of this genre of books at all.  It is graphic in the sense that the author handwrites the words and includes hand drawn pictures – but I mostly certainly wouldn't class it as a comic book.

Roz Chast is fantastically talented.  This book is a memoir of the last years of her parents lives - but it most certainly isn't all gloom and doom.  To me it was an honest appraisal of the challenges of dealing with elderly parents with a wry understanding of the foibles both of the parents and of herself as a daughter.

I enjoyed this book immensely.  One of the best of the year, if not decade!  I hope the pics give you a taste for the book.


  1. I might have to check out this little book. With a 90 year old mother living with us, times become a bit challenging and I'll bet this book has some of the things I think as well as what she says too.

  2. Sounds different. I've not read a graphic book for over thirty years!


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