Thursday, 2 October 2014

Is this just a food myth? Don't put good knives into the dishwasher!

I have always heard that you shouldn't put your chopping knives into the dishwasher but have never been sure of the validity of this.  And it is a nuisance having to hand wash your knives. 

But after some research I found out that in fact your knifes will be less sharp if you run them through the dishwasher because they are pushing around by the water and will rub up against the racks of the machine or against other pieces of cutlery.  If your knife handles are wooden then that is another reason to keep them out of the dishwasher.

Of course, the same logic applies to keeping your knives in a drawer rather than on a magnetic rack.  So all round a fail by me!


  1. the wood and even the plastic handles will expand and then contract at different rates from the heat of a good hot water in the dishwasher...the water, meh, not such an issue

  2. But then "I" have to wash them. Good thing my knives aren't expensive.

  3. Ooops - I always put my good knives in the dishwasher! I do keep them in a wooden knife block (rather than the drawer, so I guess that's a little better)? Running to get one out of the dishwasher now :) Thanks for the info.


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