Thursday, 16 October 2014

Is this just a food myth?

Green vegetables need to be cooked with lots of salt.

Many people believe that if you cook green vegetables in heavily salted water the vegetables will retain their fresh colour better.  Tests have shown that this may not be all that effective (or good for you?).  The main way to ensure veges keep their colour is to have the water boiling vigorously and then to cook the vegetables for as short a time as possible.

If I am then going to use the vegetables in a salad I also then shock them in cold water to make sure that they don't keep on cooking.

What techniques do you use?


  1. Your method sounds good to me. Catherine

  2. I never add salt to cooking water and have no problems with lovely green veggies!

  3. high boil, short time, quick cool down , no salt for me - pasta water I salt, but not vegetables

  4. i thought about this and remembered somethings i learned from a nutritionist at work...there are many vegetables (and fruits such as tomatoes) that have a higher sodium content (the particularly bad part of salt) and so salt should not be used for this reason. Additionally the slat will "wilt" the vegetables aggressively


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