Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Delicious by Ruth Reichl

First of all, can I say that I really enjoyed Delicious by Ruth Reichl.  It was one of those books that was hard to put down.  It grabbed me right from the get go.

I read this book based on some recommendations linked in to Books You Loved (thanks to Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews and Colleen of Books in the City)

I have also seen some less than positive reviews.  I can sort of understand where they are coming from – the story does have a few points which stretch credibility – but this is a novel, folks!  As long as you are interested, a few technical 'flaws' shouldn't detract from your enjoyment.

If you like food, you'll like this book, I think.  If you like a good storyline or three, this book is for you too.  No gratuitous sex or violence in the book.


  1. I just read the sequel Comfort me with Apples which I found to be such a goody book. Memoir and food.

  2. I was one of the ones who posted a not so positive review. I listened to it on audio and I've been numerous mentions of the fact that people who listened to it didn't love it and the people that read it did! So, maybe it was that...

  3. Ooooo...I really liked this book.

    I thought it had a great storyline.


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