Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What are you looking at? By Will Gompertz


If you are intrigued by Modern Art and would like to know more, this is the book for you.  What are you looking at? By Will Gompertz is the most readable art book I have read since EH Gombrich's classic The Story of Art.
This book is not dripping with colour plates but don't let that put you off.  The author talks about art in a way that is highly entertaining as well as being informative.  I have always been interested in art but I learned lots of new stuff from this book.
The book also has a handy pull out map of Modern Art so you can see which artists fitted into which movement when.  It is designed a bit like the London Underground map which is quite funny.
I commend the author for being so witty and unassuming.  He makes modern art come alive.  If you need any other recommendation, The Guardian review of this book was a very sniffy one from one of those oh so earnest but unintelligible art critics!  If he didn't like it, you might!

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