Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Simple Cooking Tip: Chopping Onions

Today I'm addressing the problem of onions making you cry.  I have seen that people adopt many different ways of dealing with this.  I understand that if you knife is really sharp that there is less of a problem but I can't say that I've really noticed a difference myself. 

Some people wear goggles – somewhat cumbersome I would have thought. 
One thing that does work for me is to put the onions into the fridge for an hour or two first and then chop them.  I discovered this trick by accident when I had half an onion left over and put it in the fridge in cling film.  When I used it the next day, what do you know?  No tears.   
Hopefully this will work for you too.


  1. Huh, thanks for the idea!! I will definitely try it!!

  2. Yes, the beauty of an onion is all the sulfur compounds that give it the taste we look for...the problem with onions is all those sulfur compounds vaporizing as we cut a room temperature onion which creates sulfuric acid when it reaches the moisture in our eye. getting them cold just before cutting reduces that


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