Monday, 1 September 2014

Is this just a food myth?

The theory:  Brown eggs are better for you than white eggs
Are brown eggs healthier or do they taste better?  The experts say that there is no difference in taste or quality.  But because brown eggs sell better you don't see many white ones in the shops. 
Do you have a view on this?


  1. There was a huge desire and demand for white eggs a good few years back when Delia Smith did her "how to cook" series and the first book cover had a bowl of white shelled eggs on it. It was purely for aesthetics but whatever Delia did (at least then) the UK followed. Still we didn't seem to get many white shelled eggs so I'm guessing there is an ease of production / yield thing.

  2. Just back from two weeks in Turkey and all of their eggs are white, even from the little farmers in the local markets, so I'm guessing it's a regional thing, to do with breed of chicken or food or something ??? Just checked - it's the breed :

  3. I personally like green eggs (from the Arcuna breed of chicken) and there is a bit deeper yellow yolk (richer) in those eggs


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