Saturday, 5 July 2014

Devonport, Auckland

And now I'm indulging myself by telling you a little bit about Devonport – not Devonport in the UK or Tasmania but the suburb of Devonport in Auckland.  No, I don't live there but I know someone very well who grew up there.
Devonport originally had its own Borough Council until it was subsumed into North Shore City which in turn was subsumed by what is known as the Supercity – Auckland.  Super – mostly as in size since over a quarter of New Zealand's whole population live there.

This is a view of Mount Victoria – one of the notable landmarks in Devonport.

And this is the view from North Head – you can see gun emplacements from WWII up there which were supposed to protect us from submarines etc.

The Esplanade Hotel is a much beloved local institution.  It is right opposite the ferry terminal on the waterfront. 

The houses in Devonport have managed to retain their special historical character. 

A ferry has plied between Devonport and the Central Business District since the 1840's.  Before the Harbour Bridge was built that was the only way to get to town. 

The largest and only Naval Base is in Devonport (the suburb was named after the town with a large naval base in Devon).  And this picture is of our navy – just about. 
Finally Devonport was the home of 2 well known New Zealanders.  Sir Peter Blake of yachting fame and Lorde, the fab singer – are you still humming Royals?

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