Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cheesy Coconut Potatoes

Cheesy Coconut Potatoes by Carole's Chatter
Here's another low FODMAP effort – it turned out very well – except for the dish being a pain to get clean afterwards.  To make these Cheesy Coconut Potatoes I simply heated up the oven.  Then I brushed the dish with some garlic infused olive oil and then made some layers of sliced potato.  I seasoned each layer as I went with salt and pepper, ginger and turmeric.
Then I poured some lite coconut milk over the top and sprinkled grated cheese over the top.
I cooked it in a moderate to hot oven.  When it was sufficiently browned I covered it with foil and let the potatoes finish cooking through. 

PS  if you are wondering what Low FODMAP is you might like to Google it.  If you have a well behaved digestive system you don't need to know about it!


  1. Yum this sounds so good! I love coconut milk curries they are the best :)

  2. This sounds good enough without the Low Fodmap, whatever that is. I shall google it...

  3. Cheese ? Coconut? Potatoes? You got my attention!


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