Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love by Jill Mansell

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love is unashamed chick lit – but it's still quality writing.  The main female characters are very relatable – even to someone of my age.  And you feel happy both during and at the end of the book.  What's not to like?
If you are in the mood for a light entertaining and romantic read this may suit you.  The book has no swearing that I can remember (other than a toddler on a beach saying 'bugger' when meaning 'bucket') and no sexual content.
One of the things that makes the authors books so enjoyable is that they are multi-dimensional in terms of characters without ever getting too difficult to follow.
This is Jill Mansell's 25th book which is a major body of work by anyone's standards.



  1. Sounds interesting...Just what we need on a hot sunny afternoon!

  2. I love some good chick lit when I'm in the right mood!

  3. The title caught my attention (got here from Carole's linky), sounds interesting.


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