Saturday 14 June 2014

Rome – Roman Forum

Roman Forum by Carole's Chatter
The Roman Forum is the most important site for the Roman Empire – this was the Empire's hub.  Not only in terms of government and religion but it also was the equivalent of the Central Business District with shops and taverns.
The Forum was rediscovered in the 18th century – having fallen into disuse and disrepair in the Middle Ages.  Even though some of it has been restored it is still an awe inspiring site – some of the columns are so tall that it is quite amazing that they have stood the test of time. 

Roman Forum by Carole's Chatter
Of course, Italy is not as geologically active as, say, New Zealand.  Large stone structures would never have survived that long here – at least not in the earthquake zones. 

Roman Forum by Carole's Chatter
One tip, if you go in the side gate just after it opens in the morning you will pretty much have the Forum to yourself for half an hour or so.  Almost everyone tries to come in on the side by the Coliseum and then has a walk to reach the Forum so it takes a while for them to get there en masse.  Unfortunately I don't have a tip for you about avoiding crowds at the Coliseum – it was simply ghastly when we were there.  The same ticket lets you see both the Forum and the Coliseum. 
Roman Forum by Carole's Chatter
The pics were taken by moi meme!

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  1. I live in Europe but I've never been there - Mayby one day.


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