Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hungry by Darlene Barnes

Hungry by Darlene Barnes was an unusual book for me.  It's written by a feisty woman who was the cook at a Fraternity House for several years.
Early in the book, I wasn't sure it was good enough to post about but all that changed.  I ended up being really touched several times.  And there are also a few good recipes in the book – no food pics though.
As a non-American I knew next to nothing about the fraternity/sorority system so that was interesting to me in itself.
The other reason I decided to tell you about the book is that it developed as an offshoot of a blog Darlene did about her experiences. (BTW is Darlene a common US name?  It makes me think of the Aussie soap Neighbours for some reason)
I'm glad I read this even though I can't honestly say it was the best book of the year so far!

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