Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Books You Loved: April 2014 Edition

The March collection had lots of great books in it.  Some reviews that caught my eye were:
Melissa from Me!!! brought us Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.  She said 'I would definitely recommend Orphan Train to anyone who wants a terrific and well-written book to read'.
Dorothy of The Nature of Things posted about The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles by Katherine Pancol.  She said 'the truth is I loved this book! Once I got a few pages into it, I could hardly put it down'.
Guiltless Reader brought over a book by Nick Bantock (of Griffin & Sabine fame) called The Trickster's Hat: A Michevious Apprenticeship in Creativity. The review said 'A beautiful book with easy-to-follow exercises that will inspire, energize, and encourage you to create beautiful things.'

Katie at Doing Dewey reviewed The Wedding Bees by Sarah-Kate Lynch.  Katie said 'this sweet, beautiful, happy little confection of a book was just what I needed'.  (And, by the way, the author is a New Zealander!) 

So on to the new collection!
To add the book/s you loved to the new collection, please just pop your name and/or  the name of the book into the first Mr Linky box and paste the url for your post about it into the second one.
There is only one rule – the book must have been one you loved.  Your post about it doesn't need to be recent – sometimes it's fun to look back at books you read some time ago.
I'll be pinning your posts to this Pinboard as they come in.  If you want to see the covers at a glance to help you choose which books to check out further, I suggest you pop on over to the Pinboard.
Have a lovely 'booky' April!


  1. Thanks, Carole. I have two good entries this month.

  2. hit x for the invite, just tallied up feb and march books, some really good ones listed and today I run an ebook giveaway for anybody interested.

  3. I love Sharon Lee as an author and was very happy to see a new book from her. I bought this one for my personal library!

  4. Mr. Owita's Guide to Gardening merits my pick for this month.

  5. I just love your post. As always, thank you so much for giving us all the opportunity to get to know other bloggers and find new books.

    My entry this month is the latest novel of one of my favourite authors, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, "The Midnight Palace".

    Marianne from Let's Read

  6. Jane's Melody was a very sad but sweet book.


  7. Yippee...I love this post each month. :)

    I get to meet new bloggers and visit their awesome blogs and find new books to add to my toppling stack of books. :)


  8. I've been reading a few good books lately, I'm liking the shorter ones like Glitter and Glue have just linked up as they're quick to get through and then I can start on my next book! Have a big pile of must read books that I just keep adding to =)

  9. Hi Carole, just posted my favourite from this month, it's a steamy little read. ;-) Sharon

  10. Have had a couple of 3 star reads/reviews in a row, so nothing to post here. I'm hoping for better luck next month.

  11. I linked my review of Trouble by Non Pratt, a fantastic novel about teen pregnancy - with a twist!

  12. You always have a nice choice of books on these posts. I will die before I can get to them all!

    1. Ha ha, Tina. I agree. I will die before I read all of them, but there are some AWESOME titles every time.


  13. Hi! I've read some amazing books over the past couple of weeks! Have narrowed it down to two that I loved! :-)

  14. I've linked to two books that I found very interesting in the last month - one fiction, one nonfiction. The Fire Engine That Disappeared is the fifth in the Martin Beck series, a Swedish police procedural and Field Notes From a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert concerns the very troubling and scary issue of global warming, something that we all need to know more about and to be concerned about.

    Happy reading, everyone! I'm going to try to get to some of the books on this very interesting list in the coming weeks.

  15. It's been a big reading month for me, but I picked my favourite of all to link - Kristina Olsson's incredibly moving memoir, Boy, Lost.

  16. Oops! I entered the wrong URL the first time (#50) and then corrected it in #51. Sorry, I am new to this! I chose The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld -- absolutely mesmerizing and different from anything else I've ever read. It's been fun looking at everyone's choices.

  17. Hello again, Carole! :) I've been reading some really good books this month (I seem to do that a lot, lately!) but I may have to wait to choose my Month's Best Book until a little later on :) I'll be back soon.

  18. Carole, I added two books to the Mister Linky as I loved both! I hope that's okay. Thank you for posting this terrific feature. It helps me add to my TBR stacks. ;)

  19. Hello Carole,
    Just stopping by to post my Book of the Month link. My goodness, I've read such good books this month, it was a hard choice! :) But Cold Mountain: A Novel by Charles Frazier ultimately came through by a whisker. lol!

    See you all next month!


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