Monday, 10 March 2014

Michel Tuffery and Jeff Thompson - Sculptors

Michel Tuffery sculpture
Michel Tuffery is a New Zealand born artist  with a Pasifika heritage.  Although I knew of him as a sculptor, I found out that he also paints and makes prints.

Michel Tuffery sculpture
The pic at the top is his most famous work to date.   It is made out of flattened corned beef cans. It is life sized. 

Michel Tuffery print
Jeff Thompson is also a New Zealand sculptor who makes animals out of corrugated iron.  Here is one of his elephants.  Would you like to have him in your garden?

Jeff Thompson elephant sculpture
And here's his sculpture of a station wagon.  How quirky is that!
Jeff Thompson station wagon sculpture

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  1. I like the corrugated sculptures along the route from Auckland to Rotorua.


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