Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saint Heliers Bay

St Heliers Bay Auckland

Today I'm going to be wittering on about Saint Heliers Bay in Auckland.  Not St Helier of Jersey fame although the bay is named after the same person.

St Helier patron saint of Jersey

St Helier was a hermit saint – not only being the patron saint of Jersey but also of skin and eyes.

St Heliers Bay Auckland

St Heliers was served by a ferry until the road was built around the bays (Tamaki Drive) during the depression as a make work scheme.

St Heliers Bay Auckland

Today it is a pretty area with nice upmarket restaurants.  It still retains a villagey feel despite recent higher rise developments.

Round the Bays race Auckland

The beach is very popular and the annual Round the Bays race finishes there.

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