Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Meg Cabot – Size 12 is not Fat

I was prepared to dislike Size 12 is not Fat based on the title – thinking it would all be about a relatively skinny woman obsessing about not being a complete stick insect.  But the title is misleading – this is a murder mystery featuring a washed up young pop star (think Britney Spears if she hadn't recovered).  To be honest the cover didn't do much for me either!

So I'm glad I gave it a go – not that murder mystery is my normal thing.  What I did enjoy about this book was the wry self-deprecating humour of the heroine, Heather Wells.  I think I've found my next Janet Evanovich type obsession!

Of course Meg Cabot has form – she was the author of the Princess Diaries – which I haven't read but admit to having watched and enjoyed the movie a couple of times.

She has written some more books featuring the same heroine – Size 14 is not Fat Either, Big Boned , Size 12 and ready to rock and The Bride Wore Size 12– don't be put off by the naff titles!

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  1. I'm going to have to check these out! I love or used to love Janet Evanovich and have read all of her books!

  2. I agree with you - I read this because of the weird title, and enjoyed it. My daughter was a big fan of the Princess Diaries.... so I read those too in my day, and saw the films.


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