Saturday, 4 January 2014

Kawau Island

Kawau Island New Zealand from the air

In the hope that you will all come visit New Zealand, here is a little bit about Kawau Island (pronounced Car-wow).

The island is about 45 kilometres north of Auckland and is less than a mile off the coast at its closest point.  It covers about 5000 acres .  You get to the island by boat or ferry.  Less than 100 people live on the island year round, however many more people stay there on weekends – particularly over the summer months.

Mansion House, Kawau Island

You find Mansion House on the island – a residence built by one of the original Governors of New Zealand Sir George Grey.

The pic at the top of the post shows Bon Accord harbour which was originally a drowned valley that almost bisects the island.

Kawau black shag

The island is named after the Maori for shag (or cormorant).  You will find lovely plants and birds here along with beautiful water – and great fishing.

Kawau Island

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  1. HI Carole, I do believe I came across information on this island when we were planning our tour of the Northland areas. Unfortunately there is only so much you can fit in a couple of days. We did make it to the Cape and the drive along 90 mile beach was out of this world. Next time, perhaps planting some kauri trees. Was surprised by how much was all enjoyed the Kauri museum outside Dargaville.

  2. I definitely want to visit New Zealand and haven't heard of this lovely looking place (we want to travel to some off-the-beaten-track places).

  3. Another part of NZ to add to my must see list on my next trip :)


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