Sunday, 5 January 2014

Beef Burgers with a secret ingredient

Beef burger with plum sauce in pattie by Carole's Chatter

Instead of my normal spicy approach to burger patties, this time I did something that turned out to be incredibly simple – and, even better, successful.

So what was the secret ingredient – store bought plum sauce!

I mixed the beef mince (ground beef) with some breadcrumbs (I was going to use rolled oats but realised I didn't have any), a teaspoon of mixed dried herbs (I used oregano & thyme), 3 tablespoons of plum sauce and salt and pepper.  When they have been mixed a bit add 1 beaten egg to help the patties stay in one piece.

Shape your burgers – I had enough for 8 patties so I quartered the mixture and then halved each one so that the patties were more likely to be the same size.  Dust each burger with flour – just standard flour.

I like to rest the burgers in the fridge for at least half an hour – but you could cook them straight away.

Just fry the patties in vegetable oil until browned and just cooked in the middle.  I found that the flour meant that a nice browned effect was created.

Because the two of us cannot eat 8 patties, I froze half of them (uncooked) so that I have a quick meal for another day.

Serve on your burger buns with your preferred garnish – I used lettuce, tomato and red onion – but because the plum sauce is in the pattie you don't need to add other sauces – you could but it was quite saucy enough without.

One apology, despite the inclusion of a slice of pickled beetroot being a must for a real New Zealand burger, I found that I didn't have any on hand.
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  1. Wow, what a great flavor combination.

  2. Mmm. I don't know if I can get plum sauce in my local market (which doesn't have many specialty items) but I'll keep an eye out for it!

  3. what a good combination. Where do you live where it is already Sunday?

  4. That sounds like an amazing flavor combination!

  5. Looks yummy! I love my burgers well-flavored.

  6. I haven't heard of plum sauce used in this way.

  7. Plum sauce sounds like a great addition to burgers! Very clever my dear! Happy New Year!

  8. Never thought about adding plum sauce to beef mince. Makes it gourmet, thanks for the idea.

  9. Sounds wonderful! And I didn't know that pickled beet was "required" in New Zealand. Yum!!!

  10. Well this is a new combination to me, but it sounds good. I think I'll have to give it a try soon!


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