Monday, 2 December 2013

Klimt – Again!

Klimt - Portrait of Joseph Pembauer (1890)
Portrait of Joseph Pembauer (1890)

I've posted about Klimt before – but recently I got 2 books out of the library about him and his work and realised that he did a lot of other great works other than The Kiss which is the one we are most familiar with.

Music – a lithograph (1901)

He was Viennese and his art was very evocative of what was known as Vienna's "Belle Epoque" – which I think means Beautiful Age.

Hygieia – the goddess of Health (1900-7)

He was born in 1862 and died in the last year of WWI (1918) at the age of 56. His father was an engraver and his mother an opera singer. He was the second of 7 children and the family was certainly not wealthy.

Portrait of Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein (1905)

Although many of his works were of naked women, he was not a social animal and preferred solitude to society. If you want to see his nudes, just Google him and you'll find them.

Farm Garden (1905/6)

Although Klimt had lots of women friends, he never settled down with anyone in particular but mostly lived at home with his mother.

Stoclet Frieze (detail) (1905-9)
The Church in Cassone (1913)

As you have seen with the images I have selected his work covered society portraits, lithographs and landscapes as well as the naked women!

Klimt - The Kiss detail

Just to remind you, this is a detail from his most famous work – The Kiss.


  1. I love Klimt . He is one with my favorite painters.

  2. Our small fiber group selected Klimt as one of our 'inspired by artists'...we made some really interesting pieces based on his work. Of course, the KISS is the best work of his...


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