Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Cheat's Dinner Party

Cheat's Dinner Party by Carole's Chatter

I don't often do dinner parties – and when I do I have a habit of wildly over-catering.  So this time I was determined to do something easy with almost no cooking involved.

And even given that, it still took about the same amount of time as if I'd cooked something simple.  And I still had much too much food.  A work in progress!

Here's the menu:

Dinner rolls and crostinis with 2 Dips (Chimichurris on Hummus and Roasted capsicum w cashews & parmesan)

Peking roast duck

Peking roast duck (bought from a specialty store and chopped up by them – I bought it the day before which was a mistake – should have bought it just a couple of hours before)

Cold roast chicken

Cold roast chicken (cooked by me the day before and cut up into bits) served with rocket

Sliced tomatoes with onion and oil

Sliced tomatoes with onion and oil

Aioli Potato Bacon salad

Aioli Potato Bacon salad (from supermarket) – checked seasoning and added dill garnish

Sliced champagne ham

Sliced champagne ham (on lettuce)

Smoked salmon platter

Smoked salmon platter with olives, stuffed peppers etc

Smoked Chicken pasta salad

Smoked Chicken pasta salad (bought) with added chicken, seasoning and herbs on top

Green salad

Green salad (not strictly all green but at least made by me)


Cheesecake – berry swirl

Cheesecake – berry swirl – bought

So would you have enjoyed the food???

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  1. Well I am a vegetarian, but I do see a few foods there I would have liked. Especially the cheese cake! That's my favorite dessert.

  2. The aioli potato salad looks interesting!! I haven't seen one like it before. Lovely spread.

  3. wow.. ur dinner platter is simply amazing :) Wish I was there too :) Happy new year


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