Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cook’s Beach


Cook's Beach is a holiday town on the eastern side of the Coromandel peninsula.  It only has about a hundred or so permanent residents although there are masses of holiday homes (we call them baches – said like "batches").

A bach - lots are much bigger than this one!

The beach and town got its name from Captain James Cook.  It was at Cooks Beach that Capt Cook first raised the Union Jack in New Zealand in 1769.  He was in the area to observe the Transit of Mercury – and named the broader area Mercury Bay as a result.

Cook's Beach has only a few little shops – a small grocery store, a liquor store and a take away place plus a little restaurant.  Oh, and I almost forgot the hardware store.  These stores only get busy in the summer which is when the beach is fully populated.


The beach is popular with swimmers – it is a very long beach (3 kilometers) so is never really packed.  Not like some of the pics you see of European beaches.   There is a lovely estuary at one end of the beach with a small park and playground and some barbecue facilities.

There are no hotels/motels at Cook's Beach so if anyone wants to vacation there they need either to own a bach or rent one.

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