Sunday, 8 September 2013

Savoury chickpea flour pancakes (but using normal flour)

Savoury chickpea flour pancakes (but using normal flour): Carole's Chatter

Thanks to this post on Manju'z Kitchen I got the idea to do some savoury pancakes.  And I'm posting it today in honour of the forthcoming Food on Friday which is about pancakes.

Manju's recipe used chickpea flour which I didin't have so I gave it a go using ordinary flour and it worked out ok.

I put the kernels off a leftover cooked corn on the cob into a bowl.  Then some chopped red onion, a little chopped tomato and ½ a green chilli (finely diced).

For spices I put in a little chilli powder, grated ginger, salt and cumin seeds.

Then I added 1 cup of plain flour plus a teensy bit of baking soda (say 1/8th of a teaspoon).

I mixed this all up and then gradually added 1 cup of ice cold water – don't add it all at once and stop when the mixture is milkshake consistency and there are no lumps.

Rest the pancake mixture in the fridge for 10 minutes or so.

Heat some oil until hot, then spoon in the mixture in batches – the first 2 lots I did were too large and as a result I couldn't turn them over without breaking them.  I did get one ok – and that is the one in the pic, of course!

They were tasty – spicy without being overwhelmingly so – particularly the crispy edges.

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  1. They look delicious even without the chickpea flour!

  2. Savory pancakes didn't sound good at first thought, but reading through your recipe, I think I'd like it!

  3. chickpea flour is not easy to find. It does taste different from regular flour, so if you try the chickpea flour they would have a different taste. But it sounds like this was a success recipe with regular flour as well. I have only made regular breakfast pancakes.

  4. Sounds tasty! I haven't heard of chickpea flour before. Interesting.

  5. I haven't made savoury pancakes but I'd give that recipe a go, sounds quite yummy :)

  6. My mom used to make savory corn pancakes. I totally forgot about them. Now I have to give them a try again

  7. We have actually tried chickpea flour pancakes because we have two daughters who have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. If they visit, we all eat gluten-free now. We tried them as regular breakfast pancakes with maple syrup, but I like the idea of going completely savory for breakfast!

  8. I love crispy edges! Chickpea flour is something I've looked for, but haven't been ab;e to find so I would use regular flour too. Savoury pancakes sound good to me! Thanks for linking, Carole!

  9. I'll have to try these...and I even have chickpea flour! Hubby will love these!


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