Monday, 23 September 2013


The Persistence of Time by Salvador Dali

I'm not sure whether you will like today's artist – Salvador Dali – I'm not even sure I do!

The pic above is The Persistence of Memory

Dali was a Surrealist – which means he painted unreal things as if they were real.  He called them "hand-painted dream photographs".  He sure had funny dreams then!  As in funny peculiar not funny haha.

Seated Girl Seen from the Rear by Salvador Dali

I do like this painting – Seated Girl Seen From the Rear.  He was only 21 when he painted it and it is a portrait of his sister.

 Dali was Spanish.  He was born in 1904 and died in 1989.

Salvador Dali

It is a shame that his works turned to the completely bizarre later in life.

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  1. Such a talent! I'm like you - I enjoy some of his works.

  2. I really can't say if I like the first or not - it's so famous it's one of those paintings that I've known of for so long... I suppose I like the idea and symbolism but I'm not sure about the painting itself. The last requires the word you used, bizarre!


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