Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I need help – can someone give me a way to make perfect and pretty poached eggs every time?

I was going to do a Simple Cooking Tip on how to make poached eggs when I realised that I actually have never got this quite right.  Mine end up with raggedy edges and I am never sure when to take them out so that the yolks are just set but no more, how we like them.

Needless to say the lovely poached eggs in the pic were not done by me!

So if you have posted on this or know how to do it, can you please share?

Some questions:

Do you need to put vinegar into the water and if so, does it matter what kind?

How do you get the eggs to stay together and not lose most of the white in little wisps?

How hot should the water be?

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  1. I am of no help. I don't do poached eggs. My aunt use to use a gadget in the microwave to make hers.

  2. I had bookmarked this page a while back, it had good tips for making poached eggs. Hope it might help :) Someday I will get around to trying for myself!;_ylt=A2KJ3Ce0CzlSm3QAkqOaxAt.

  3. I poach eggs often for Moe. I think the most important tip is to use farm fresh eggs. The white is firmer and hugs the yolk. Grocery store eggs the white is thinner and spreads out more in the water. I always add just a teaspoon of white vinegar to the water and a little salt. I let the water come to a boil and then turn it down to a low simmer before the eggs goes into the pot. Crack the egg into a small shallow dish, give the water a swirl and slip the egg into the middle of the swirling water. Moe likes his eggs with the white just set and the yolk very runny. This doesn't take long at all. I've never timed but probably not much longer than two minutes.


  4. I do mine like Ann except I have never used vinegar. I think giving the water a swirl is the real trick.

  5. Ah, I wish my grandmother was still around, she poached beautiful eggs for my grandfather all of the time. I have never done it. Good luck though, I'll post the link on Facebook. :)

  6. SUCH a great question...alas, I've never perfected the art of the poached egg so I've no answers for you. Like the comment before mine, my grandmother, with seeming effortlessness, made the perfect poached eggs. The things we take for granted when we're children then miss for a lifetime...

  7. here's Martha Stewarts instructions with a video. She says swirl the water too.

  8. I cheat and use the poached egg cups. :)


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