Thursday, 11 July 2013

Susan Howatch - a favourite author of mine

Susan Howatch is an author that I have read and re-read for many years.  I think that I have probably read everything that she ever published.  Have you heard of her?

So you know a little bit about her – she's English.  Her first novel was published in 1965.  The first one I remember reading was Penmarric in 1971.

She specialised at first in big family sagas, which for the history buffs actually used some historical events in a later setting.

But my favourite series was the Starbridge series – fantastic works set in and around the Anglican church.  You don't have to be religious or an Anglican to enjoy them.  The first one to start with is Glittering Images (1987).  It is set in the 1930's, which is of interest in itself.

She hasn't published anything new since 2004 and is now in her 70's.  Hopefully in good health.

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  1. I have all her books and have loved every one of them. I anyway love books with vicars (started with Joanna Trollope) and the machinations of the Anglican church have fascinated me since!

  2. Oh I loved this series too! They were real larger-than-life sagas with some very interesting aspects, and the whole religious thing was so unusual and heartfelt. I keep wishing she'd write another one.

  3. I read Glittering Images some years ago and was quite impressed! Thanks for reminding me about this author. Her historical fiction looks interesting especially due to the settings.

  4. I read all those books and others by Susan Howatch and, was only talking about them last week but couldn't remember the author, you must have read my mind! Thanks

  5. I fell in love with her books in 1985 and have read everything she's ever published at least 100 times, although I've read The Wheel of Fortune 3 million and 8 times, because it's my favourite...!

  6. I have never read a book by this author...thanks for sharing.

    I am in the list as #36. My book entry is below.

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